re:publica Berlin 2023

Hybrid visual scribings of eight 1-hour talks on the topic of waterless sanitation and circular economy with the “Loo:topia Garden”, hosted by the republica Berlin digital conference from 5-7 June 2023.

Client: inter- and transdisciplinary disciplinary research project zirkulierBAR


Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: problems & obstacles

Day 3: Visions & Solutions

The scribings were done in real-time during each talk on an iPad Pro, then printed and mounted for the public at the end of each conference day.

The scribings were later synthesized into a visual journey map by the talented researcher and illustrator Jenni Ottilie Keppler. Our joint work serves as a kick-off and blueprint for the planned picture puzzle and educational material “The True Cost of SanitatioN”.

More information about the talks & speakers: